The State of Dutch Dance 2023

To determine where you want to go, you need to know where you stand.

After seven consecutive years of pronouncing the State of Dutch Dance, Annette Embrechts, Ann van den Broek, Jasper van Luijk, Conny Janssen, Alida Dors and ‘our’ Kristin de Groot and Lisa Reinheimers this year jointly give a polyphonic answer to the question of the current State of Dutch Dance of 2023. The prominent figures all call for more (‘radical’) cooperation and solidarity in the sector. Also recurring is the demand for more space and time for the creative process, research and experimentation.

The State of Dutch Dance ’23 was presented during the Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Days), recorded at Dansateliers and can be seen here.

Dansateliers also made a version of Lisa’s vision with a video accessible to the deaf: