Summer Greetings

Look back with Kristin de Groot on the season in which we celebrated our twenty fifth anniversary, and look forward to our upcoming events in September!

With gratitude, pride and a sense of great satisfaction we look back on this past season, that was dedicated to our twenty fifth anniversary. We strongly realised that it is important to actually celebrate what we do. Even after all these years, our work is still very relevant and essential to the development of the field of contemporary dance.

During our jubilee, it was a special experience to see works from the past combined with works that were just created, because we could see and feel how so many lives and histories intertwine through the profession we have. Many works lived their own life after they were created in our studios, and gained an enhanced quality through being seen by so many audiences. That allowed work to deepen and become layered in all its facets.

Next to celebrating our anniversary, we also produced some precious and successful performances. THREESOME by Connor Schumacher received standing ovations in each and every theatre. Engel by Marta & Kim was selected for Aerowaves Twenty19. And let’s not forget the two nominations for both Connor and Marta & Kim for the Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht.

We should also mention the start of two important European projects. In Empowering Dance we research the (inherent) power of contemporary dance, and in Dancing Museums 2 we research how choreographic practice can contribute to a spectators experience. Another highlight is the almost sold out Moving Futures Festival edition in Rotterdam, with premiers of Joseph Simon and Ingrid Berger Myhre & Lasse Passage.

We are closing off the year somewhat tired, but we are already looking forward to the new season. On September 6th DANSLOKAAL 7 will premier, with a work that Joseph Simon creates together with some of the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst. Also mark September 20th in your agenda, as then the new production Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite by Connor Schumacher will premiere in Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg.  We kick off the movement classes with a Movement Class XL on Sunday 1 September, and from then on the weekly movement classes will be back on Monday evenening.

In the meanwhile, we wish all of you, makers, partners, loyal audience members, friends and colleagues a well-deserved and recharging summer!