End of Season greetings 2020

Dear people, 

2020 has already come to an end. It’s hard to believe, but it is very true. Instead of being able to proudly look back on a year with great performances, festivals, encounters and what have you, we are looking back on a year of which we had never thought it to become our reality.  I remember myself  gathered in Hamburg at the end of February with a team of international colleagues sort of uncomfortably giggling over measurements being taken and announced in Italy at the time. They seemed to be calling for stopping public life, keeping children from going to school and closing the theatres. 

We could not have suspected that within no time, this scenario became very real in Holland as well and that Covid-19 wasn’t just another flu. Consequently, we were not able to execute many planned activities. Which, in the beginning felt unreal, but generated a lot of work we would rather not have done; canceling festivals, performances, residencies, work sessions etc. and the consequences of that. 

Around summer we became somewhat more hopeful and opened our doors again for the public to share work in our garden, which was heartwarming. After the summer break we started full of energy and ambition, but we were very challenged in our desire to move forward. I so admire the artists, who have remained courageously positive, adapting to whatever scenario they needed to adapt to. Some beautiful works came out of that (far from  easy) period. 

To name a few: Warping Soul by Andreas Hannes, Stating the Obvious by Ingrid Berger Myhre, Pilot PC by Connor Schumacher, the podcast Practicing Dance Dramaturgy: Learning to learn by Merel Heering & tyroneisaacstewart and FASE by Marta & Kim, which unfortunately wasn’t allowed to premier.  They did however make a beautiful film to share with you. And, let’s not forget the three solos that were created for FRESHLY MADE by Courtney May Robertson, Dane Badal and Ian Yves Ancheta

In the past year we have also had to do without Johan, our business manager. He wasn’t able to work because of health problems and has not been with us in the office since the end of the month of April. We have missed him, his critical and analytical eye, and his steadfast and loyal presence. Luckily he is doing better now. 

A new year is ahead of us. As an organisation we are moving on and will grow a little. Not only were we lucky to again have the support of the Municipality, we will also receive structural  financial support by the Performing Arts Fund specifically to allow continuity for Connor Schumacher, Marta & Kim and Ingrid Berger Myhre. We are very happy with the trust and acknowledgement we receive by this support. We are entering a new, exciting period, in which the organisation will be carried by a somewhat larger team of collaborative colleagues and artists. 

To start your winter holiday and to help you get ttrough the current lockdown, we have assembled some short films for you to watch and you can also join and enjoy the special registration of Pilot PC once more time this year and dance your heads off! 

I, and we all, wish you a very merry christmas and a lovely new years eve. Looking forward to seeing you back in the new year! 

On behalf of the team and the artists,