New collaboration with Lloydscompany for One Night’s Dance

We’ve got news! We have found Lloydscompany as our partner in crime to co-curate and co-facilitate One Night’s Dance, our longtime existent project to support and guide dance artists at the early start of their career. Eight dance artists will move through a learning, exchanging and reflecting trajectory on dance making nowadays and create a piece to be presented in June. 

Dance artists Kelly Bigirindavyi, Jim Buskens & Just van Bommel, Hassani Le Couvreur, Argil Randon, Luciano Hiwat and Ashley Ho & Domenik Naue will participate in the project this year. All with very different dance backgrounds; some with an academic training and just graduated or about to do so, some have traveled the world for battles and shows in breaking or housedance and some working transdisciplinary by using multiple art forms. 

Dansateliers’ associate dramaturge Merel Heering and Lloyd Marengo, artistic director of Lloydscompany, will both coach the artists. Lloyd Marengo: ‘We are curious to know what the dynamics in the group will generate, which questions the artists will want to share and what they will be able to learn from each other, especially because of the fact they develop themselves in such different contexts.’ Heering adds to this: ‘We are also looking forward to learning from each other in how we coach and set a group of artists to work and see how our ways of working and the methods we use in artist development can be complementary.’ 

Image of Ashley Ho & Domenik Naue