Meet our junior board

We gladly welcome a new junior board. From September on, Damini, Gijs and Kaja will join the current board as junior board members. Over the next two years, they will have an insight in how to govern an organisation in the cultural field. Hereby a small introduction of each one of them.

Damini Bhugwansing

Damini just graduated with a master in Arts, Culture and Society at Erasmus Univeristy Rotterdam, where she particularly focused on the diversity of the cultural field in Rotterdam. ‘I’m looking forward to expanding my view as a junior board member. What does it mean to be a member of a board? Why are certain choices made and which considerations come into play? I hope to find an answer to this. In addition, I hope to develop myself not only as a board member, but also to get to know the field of dance better!’

Gijs Hanegraaf

Gijs is working as a freelance dancer and studies part-time Law at the Open University. He works/worked among others with Introdans, Jasper van Luijk, Didy Veldman, Panama Pictures and David Middendorp. ‘I’m looking forward to experience how the organizational and (business) managerial side of the dance field works and contribute to the performing arts, without me being on stage myself.’

Kaja Piecyk

Kaja Piecyk studies Arts and Culture Studies at the Erasmus University. Next to this, she is working as a research assistant on a project that researches the income and earning capacity of artists and other creative professionals. ‘The board always seemed something for experienced professionals to me. As a part of the junior board, I hope to learn what it means to be a board member and what responsibilities this entails. I also hope to be able to apply and deepen the theoretical knowledge I have in the field of art and culture more in practice.’

Damini, Gijs and Kaja will follow up our former junior board members Simone Divendal, Ali Zahidi and Chaimae Fadis, whose term and learning trajectory has finished. Simone is working at the moment as a trainee with Becis Dior, Chaimae is putting a lot of effort in her role as chair for Young010 and Ali has become the treasurer of our board and works as an assistant accountant.  

Photo Damini: Vera Bos
Photo Gijs: Hans Withoos