Meet our One Night’s Dance Makers 2019!

Meet the choreographers of One Night’s Dance 2019! In October we’ll kick off thé talent development trajectory for early career choreographers. We offer six choreographers the possibility to make and present a short performance with coaching of the house. We introduce them to you below!

Ian Yves Ancheta

Ian Yves Ancheta (1993, Philippines) is a Swedish maker and performer. He graduated from ArtEZ Dance and was an intern in the past season in the company of Conny Janssen Danst. ‘After years of studies, training and experiences, I am looking forward to show what I ́ve learned and beyond. In that process, I hope to make new encounters.’ Read more about Ian

Dane Badal

Dane Badal (1990, Rotterdam) is an  all-round dancer and choreographer specialised in urban and modern dance styles. He followed classes at Hiphophuis and graduated from Codarts. ‘I hope to gain  a lot of insight of how I can use popping and modern in a dance theatrical way.’ Read more about Dane

Šuka Horn

Šuka Horn (1997) started practicing breakdance as a young kid, but soon explored all kinds of movement styles. He graduated from Codarts this summer and is now working as a freelancer. ‘I hope to discover a glimpse of what could possibly become my artistic signature.’ Read more about Šuka

Alexandra Verschuuren & Danielle Huyghe

Alexandra Verschuuren (1997) and Danielle Huyghe (1997) form the collective Strange Strangers. They are currently in their last year of ArtEZ Dance and will participate together in One Night’s Dance 2019. Danielle: ‘I hope to gain a better understanding about my responsibility in a collaborative project and I want to gain an understanding in how Alexandra and me work together.’ Read more about Alexandra & Danielle

Wennah Wilkers

Wennah Wilkers (1992, Tarlac) is a Philippine dancer and choreographer who exceeds the limits between contemporary and urban dance. After graduating from the Amsterdam University for the Arts she brings her authentic dance language to theatres and cyphers. ‘I’m looking forward to exchanging visions and ideas with other artists.’ Read more about Wennah

This autumn they will work at Dansateliers on their own piece. Join us during the presentations of One Night’s Dance from 28 November until 8 December at Dansateliers!

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