Let’s meet: Tumbleweed

Working in our studio from this week onwards: Angela Rabaglio en Micaël Florentz, together Tumbleweed! This duo won one of the partner awards of the RIDCC in 2019, and therefore they work at Dansateliers in the coming weeks. Let’s meet up!

Who are you?
‘We are Tumbleweed, a young choreographers duo from Belgium and Switzerland. Our first creation, The Gyre, is a duet, which has marked the beginning of our collaboration and our artistic ambitions, which are largely driven by subjects as interdependency and emergence.’

What are you working on?
‘We will be working on a new project of us, called A Very Eye : Inspired by the diversity of collective behavior, existing in abundance in the living world, A Very Eye seeks to remind us of the magnificence of the collectivity.’

What are you looking forward to during your residence?
‘To work together as a group for three entire weeks, to dive deeply into the process, to have fun and to get our ideas out of our head and into our bodies.’

Foto: Didier Olivré et Thibault Montamat