Joseph Simon at MFF Rotterdam

From Thursday 28 to Saturday 30 April, the Moving Futures Festival will be held in Rotterdam. Joseph Simon will be present at no less than four special events: a performance, film, a workshop and jams.

Here is an overview of all his work at MFF:

Friday 29 April – 21:50 – Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg
Chameleon (film) & Wrapped
The performance Wrapped is preceded by the film Chameleon. In this film we see a lonely creature, in the embodiment of a chameleon. His body meanders with desire and ambiguity, searching for or chasing something. In an attempt to visually convey the visceral, the camera dives under and into the textures of his skin.

In the duet Wrapped, Tuan Tran and Joseph Simon explore familiar places of discomfort; the
entanglements in which our thoughts, actions and relationships repeatedly entangle us until they become familiar limitations.

To be wrapped around something familiar; A nice warm blanket on a cold day, your favourite sweater or jacket, a nice feeling of a memory, someone’s arms around you, or… the darkness that has you so tightly in its grip that it feels like you can’t breathe and you don’t know how to get rid of it because, it’s the only thing that feels… familiar.

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Saturday 30 April – 14:00 – Dansateliers
Third Culture Spaces Event: Sticky Feet X Dancehall
The Third Culture Spaces Event is a workshop on bridging cultures and dance practices through an exchange between the established Jamaican dance style Dancehall and Joseph’s ballet-based movement language Sticky Feet.

The visitor can also actively participate in the conversation around this process or ask questions about exchange between dance cultures and what forms this can take.

With dancers: Devante Albitrouw, Gabrielle Emily Aidulis, Daniela ‘Danimé’ Mvambanu, Joseph Nama
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Saturday 30 April – 21:30h – Foyer Theatre Rotterdam
Third Culture Jam X House Jam Rotterdam – the closing event in Rotterdam

Third culture jam X House Jam Rotterdam
Third culture jam meets House Jam Rotterdam. Rotterdam based, aligned in their mission of creating spaces to dance “pour le kif”* and create community that is fluid, that gathers on rhythms and sounds of House and more.
Everybody is welcome, regardless of age, background or experience to enjoy pure moments of exchange through movement.
DJ and first generation Dutch house dancer Joseph from chill on Tuesdays will be spinning, accompanied with live percussions by Benjamin Enrique Quentin.
Joseph, Myriam, Vanildo, Noëlle and Nora will take you to a playful and genuine experience of what it is to REALLY jam.
*French slang for “for the joy”.
TIME: 9:30-01:00
Entrance: Free
Location: Foyer TR