Support during the coronacrisis

It’s an uncertain time for freelancers and organizations in the cultural field. Yesterday, the government has announced a series of emergency measurements to cover for missed income for freelancers and small companies in the field. The Arts Union and several sector representative associations are working hard on mapping out the consequences of the current crisis.

Here is some information gathered, where you can make mention of your situation for these associations to get an overview on the situation. They need your information for this, it will empower their position for lobbying for even additional measurements, so please fill these out!

The most recent information about financial help for freelancers from the national government can be found here.

Information about financial help for freelancers in Rotterdam can be found here.

The Kunstenbond, advocating for artists and creatives in the cultural field, has opened a survey where you can report how much income you will miss in the coming period. They will use this information to map out how much financial support for freelancers is needed. You can fill out the survey here.

The NAPK, branche organization for the performing arts, put a Q&A about employership in relation to the coronavirus online. Read it here.

The Chamber of Commerce has also made an overview of measurements, click here to read it.

For questions and advice about international cultural projects or performances, you can consult Dutch Culture. They put a Q&A online.

The European Dance House Network, representative of dance houses in Europe, also published a survey for freelance dancers and choreographers. If you fill it out, they will use the results to map out the financial damage in Europe. You can find it here.

The Facebookgroup ‘Steungroep Culturele Ondernemers’ shares information and experience regarding financial compensation. Become a member here.

Unfortunately, not all the information that is linked to, is available in English. If you have questions and can’t find information in English, we advise you to contact the organization you need help from directly per email or phone.