Have a wonderful summer!

Dear colleagues, dance lovers and friends of Dansateliers,

Summer has arrived,  the sun is shining and in the meantime a lot is happening in our – Dansateliers  – house. As of May we have strengthened our team  and found Sanne Jacobs (she loves knitting and she is a real gardener growing all kinds of veggies!) to be our production manager and Sharvani Lachman (who wakes up for a chai latte and is interested in developing meaningful experience concepts…future dream!) who is responsible for PR and communication together with Hanneke Huisman. We are very happy with these two professionals who complete our team. At the moment Annejon Okhuijsen still works for us as a business coordinator for three days, but she has decided to not continue as of August 1st. She will however continue to work with us as a creative producer with associate artists Marta and Kim. We are currently looking for a replacement for Annejon for business coordination. Lastly, we have succeeded in finding a new director for the organization! But we will save that news for September…….;-)

There have been many beautiful encounters in recent times and not everything is always that visible. Courtney May Robertson, for example, has transferred  her solo The pleasure of stepping off a horse when it’s moving at full speed on to another body. Her solo served as a graduation project for Débora Posada Sánchez who is a student at SEAD in Salzburg.  A learningfull  experience for both; Courtney was able to see her own solo for the first time and for Debora it was a very challenging graduation experience. For the first time this  year, we have facilitated an in-house residency for some Codarts students of the teacher department. The students were given the opportunity to work with dramaturg Jaz on what it means to be a dancemaker. 

As a house, we can only fully support a limited number of dance artists, but we are looking for different ways to help dance artists we’ve become acquainted with and look for a space to work. We  offer studio space, combined with a conversation about the project in exchange for a service, such as facilitating a movement class or helping out with a studio presentation.

Alexandra Verschuuren has worked in our meeting room to further investigate her theme of looking and being looked at. In September she will share the outcome of her research.  In summer residency this year we have Tyrone Dikmoet and Lisanne Smits and Codarts student  Janai Bart making use of that. They will have the possibility to be exploring and playing around in the studio to further investigate and develop their practice. 

These are the small meetings that are also very valuable to us, next  to all the projects we already informed you about. The latest great news we received recently: the honorable nomination for Connor Schumacher for the Gieskes Strijbis Podium Prize 2022. More news about this will follow in September.

In the meantime, we are finalizing our selection for One Night’s Dance and are having lovely conversations with Argil and Hassani to prepare an application. And, we are also preparing for a small summer break. The office will be closed from July 25th to August 5th.

Have a wonderful summer everyone. Rest, recover and recharge yourself to start the 22-23 season in good spirits and with great enthusiasm.

Warm regards from all of us.

The Dansateliers team.