Dansateliers welcomes Lisa Reinheimer as the new director

The board and the team enthusiastically welcome Lisa Reinheimer as the new director of Dansateliers and look forward to working with her. Lisa will start on 14 November and Kristin will leave on 1 January, so that a careful handover can take place.

Dansateliers is a springboard for many outspoken dance artists. In the eleven years that Kristin has been director, a solid organisation has been built up, where an inquisitive and curious mind is always the starting point. In addition, Dansateliers has managed to create research space by co-initiating several European-funded projects in fruitful partnerships.
In recent times, we have mainly built up a strong team, in which responsibility is shared and carried together. With her personal view on dance and her knowledge, skills and ideas, Lisa takes over the baton, to move Dansateliers together with the team into the future.


Lisa: “As a young professional, as a critic, and later as a partner in Moving Futures, I got to know Dansateliers as a place where trust and generosity are central. Where not only choreographers and dance makers, but also other professionals, develop, research and exchange on contemporary dance together. Where important themes are raised and where an open mind and critical (self-)reflection are the basic attitude. As the new director, I want to build on this.
Together with the team and the makers associated with Dansateliers, I want to claim space for the necessary developments in dance. I want to continue to work hard for a multi-voiced dance field and make an active contribution to how we can shape a more sustainable field of work together, with trust and connection as the underlying motto.

Kristin: “I am happy to pass on the baton and have every confidence that Lisa will continue the warm and constructive relationship with the makers, partners and funds and that she will continue to make room for a varied palette of artistic languages with a fresh outlook.”

Marco Florijn, chairman of the board: “Shortly after her arrival, Kristin had to rebuild the house. She succeeded. She made Dansateliers into a place where art flourishes in a network where people are connected. In Lisa, we have found a worthy successor. With regard to content and interpersonal skills, she is the person Dansateliers needs. She will ensure that the ambitions and agreements remain secure, and will investigate with the team, the makers and our surroundings how Dansateliers, as a house for the development of dance (and more), can take further necessary and/or desirable steps. This integer movement with the right degree of ambition and vision attracted the board to her. We look forward to this collaboration.”


Bio Lisa Reinheimer
Lisa Reinheimer (1985) has written as an independent critic on creative practices and developments in Dutch dance for Dans Magazine, Theaterkrant and Tanzweb.org among others, for festivals and institutions such as De Nederlandse Dansdagen and European Dancehouse Network, and for and about various choreographers. She has curated context programmes for festivals and theatres, and has made numerous introductions and follow-up discussions. Creating space, context and connection are her guiding principles.
For a long time, she was associated with the Domein voor Kunstkritiek (Domain for Art Criticism), where she developed programmes to renew dance criticism and inspired international colleagues. She was also a senior lecturer in Dramaturgy, Arts & Culture at the Fontys Dance Academy, where learning to think critically, developing your own voice and defining your position were important aspects of her teaching.
In 2020, she pronounced the State of Dutch Dance online, in the form of a podcast film in keeping with her inquisitive nature. From January 2020 to October 2022, she worked as artistic coordinator at DansBrabant, where she focused on the development of sustainable artistic practices and sought alternatives to production-driven work.
Lisa will be succeeded at DansBrabant by Nienke Rooijakkers, who will take up her post as artistic director and continue to develop DansBrabant into a more maker-driven organisation.

Image: Jochem Jurgens