Moving Futures Festival Rotterdam

On 16, 17 and 18 March the contemporary dance-festival Moving Futures sets up camp in Rotterdam. The festival presents an energetic program with work by a new generation of dancemakers connected to the five dancehouses Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansateliers, DansBrabant, De Nieuwe Oost and Random Collision. With performances, workshops, tours, films and more the festival offers an exclusive peek behind the scenes of contemporary dance. The Rotterdam edition of Moving Futures Festival is hosted by Dansateliers in collaboration with TR Schouwburg and De Pauluskerk. Together they present a three-day, contemporary dance-marathon with exclusive premieres, behind the scene-tours, pop-up performances, films and more. With work by a.o. Natalia de Miguel, Johanna Tengan, Guilherme Miotto, Jija Sohn, Connor Schumacher, Igor Vrebac, Evangelos Biskas & Elysia McMullen, Sophie Mayeux, Jonas Frey and Joseph Simon.

Friday March 16th
The Rotterdam edition of Moving Futures Festival opens with the premiere of Clara by Natalia de Miguel and Singular by Johanna Tengan. Next to that Jija Sohn will bring a seductive performance in which she brings the pleasures and the perversity of Japanese figure Kyabajõ (hostess) on stage.
Opening + premières | 19:30-20:45 | Kleine Zaal | TR Schouwburg
Kyabajõ | 21:00-22:30 | Krijn Boon Studio | TR Schouwburg

Saturday March 17th
The Saturday is dedicated to unexpected encounters. In the Pauluskerk Guilherme Miotto shows fragments of his virtuoso performance Even Worse. In the Schouwburg foyer Connor Schumacher introduces you to his ever changing performance trust in this life... Followed by the evening program with Igor Vrebac’s solo-version of TRÆNS, Yeah but no but yeah by Hilde Elbers and dancer Judit Ruiz Onandi and the short film MULTIDENTITY by Tycho Hupperets.
Even Worse (unplugged) | 16:00 + 18:00 | De Pauluskerk, Rotterdam
Eveningsprogram | 19.45-22.30 | Krijn Boon Studio | TR Schouwburg

Sunday March 18th

Sunday starts with the unique masterclass Leadership through Movement in Dansateliers, developed by Random Collision and the University of Groningen. In the workshop participants explore the basis of good leadership through movement, group-dynamics and posture. In the Schouwburg Sophie Mayeux presents a miraculous transformation in Die Verwandlung. In the following double bill everyday forms merge with the extraordinary in In Search of a Title by Evangelos Biskas & Elysia McMullen and Infinite Games by Jonas Frey & Joseph Simon. In between the performances you can watch the enchanting short dance-film Le Faune about intimacy, sexuality and voyeurism.
Masterclass | 14:00 – 16:00 | Dansateliers
Die Verwandlung | 16.00-16.30 | Haltheater, TR Schouwburg
Eveningprogram | 17.00-18.15 | Krijn Boon Studio | TR Schouwburg

Behind the scenes of contemporary dance
Next to the performances, the Moving Futures Festival offers you an exclusive peek behind the scenes of dance. Every day you can take a guided tour that leads you to different places that normally are closed for the audience. Next to this there will be poetic reflections by Anne van Winkelhof and Kay Slice and interactive (after)talks.

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