1 – 12 June: Dansweek 2022

During De Dansweek from 1 to 12 June 2022, Theater Rotterdam will be entirely dedicated to dance. 12 days of international top dance and dance from Rotterdam, performances by renowned makers and young, promising choreographers, world premieres, and more!

Dansateliers presents several works during the Dansweek:

An unconventional striptease & Exceeding Digital Infoxication
Vrijdag 3 juni
Kleine zaal
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An unconventional striptease
An unconventional striptease is a poetic ode to cinematic romance. Performers Ian Yves Ancheta and Iannes Bruylant present an intimate portrait of a relationship between two men. Gay romance has only sporadically broken through into mainstream culture and is usually drenched in dramatic themes. In an unconventional striptease, the performers attempt to rewrite the lineage of gay romance cinema.

By being vulnerable, flawed and playful, the dancers bare more than just some skin. They explore the literal and symbolic notion of nudity, being unashamedly themselves with each other and the audience. Through a combination of humour, theatre and dance, you are invited to celebrate the everyday flawed relationship.

Exceeding Digital Infoxication
Argil & Hassani present Exceeding Digital Infoxication: Two humanoids are created to take over the world. They take you into their world of infinite access to (digital) information that can lead to infoxication.

HOLD try-out
Woensdag 8 juni
Kleine zaal

HOLD premiere
Donderdag 9 juni
Kleine zaal
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This time Connor Schumacher joins forces with five other creators in the field of social and spatial design, art and science. Together they are creating a club night that aims to welcome everyone – every body. Makers and participants form a society in miniature. We practice what it means to be human in an increasingly polarising world. How do we hold on to each other in it?

WE HERE! With among others: Joseph Simon with Breakingscapes
Sunday 12 June
The whole building of Theater Rotterdam
19:00 – 00:30
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Dalton Jansen takes over the last evening of De Dansweek with Black Birds: WE HERE! An evening full of presentations by makers including Joseph Simon:

In collaboration with the dancers, he will create a space in which elements from the breaking culture will come together with choreographic making practices from contemporary theatre dance. The result is a landscape in which familiar scenarios from breaking culture merge with images of nature.

Choreography: Joseph Simon
Dance: Gihan Koster, Tim Kromhout, Ruud Sanders, Oliver Wagstaff
Composition: Jelle Roozenburg