Yoko Haveman

One Night’s Dance 2022 – Meet The Maker

Yoko Haveman is a professional dancer, creator, photographer and teacher with a background in martial arts, physical theatre, floorwork and composition. She graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts in 2016 with a degree in modern dance theatre. She is working with renowned choreographers, theatre directors, filmmakers and musicians which allowed her to amass more than seven years of professional performance experience. 

‘’As a starting young maker I believe through the help of Dansataliers in collaboration with Lloydscompany I can gain more experience and knowledge about producing my work on a professional scale. As well as defining my own language as a maker, network, collaborate, experiment and to find space that is required to research and confront one’s ideas. I’m looking forward to diving deeper in my concept and working with this remarkable team.’’

Her One Night’s Dance performance:


Conundrum is an interdisciplinary research performance that explores the manifestation of friction, confrontation and the obstacles of thought. Performing this physical work herself, Haveman challenges the viewer’s senses and emotions by using cinematic images and auditory experiences. 

Her works questions human behaviour and philosophies: how do you notice the restrictions you put upon yourself? Why do you react the way you do? In this process she researches the different senses that emerge. 

In Conundrum we see a searching being that aims to find a genuine connection with the audience. 

Will you be present? Will you let yourself be available to what’s coming? 

From 8 to 11  december and from  15 to 18 december, she will present this work to the public in our theater studio.

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