Wennah Wilkers

Wennah Wilkers (1992, Tarlac) is a Dutch-Philippine dancer and choreographer who exceeds the limits between contemporary and urban dance. After graduating at the Amsterdam University for the Arts she brings her authentic dance language to theatres and cyphers. Since 2012 she is part of XGEN, a house dance crew that is active on an international level.

Dance is for Wennah a way to connect with a feeling of rapture and freedom. Her passion for dance comes from her inner drive to experience freedom. She recognizes the urgency of house, that is about setting free the individual, celebrating life through dance, being led by the music and letting go of pressure.

This aim for an experience of freedom, she shares with her audience through work that is based on playful research and experiment.

Working in various theatre shows gave her the inspiration to create herself. In 2018 she won the Open Your Mind Prize for the performance SHE, which encouraged her motivation to be a professional choreographer.

Beeld: Paul Sixta