Vanildo Varela

One Night’s Dance 2022 – Meet The Maker

Vanildo started dancing when he was 20 years old at the HipHopHuis in Rotterdam. By following several classes he mostly fell in love with House dance and Waacking. It’s no coincidence that these are club styles because that’s where he draws his energy from. He loves to dance and most importantly express himself in his own little corner in the club. After studying at Åsa folkhögskola in Sweden ,and partly in Japan, for a year, he came back with a thirst to showcase his talents to the world. By participating in international dance battles and bringing his authentic self to the theatre stage.

”I expect that One Night’s Dance will give me the tools to understand how to showcase myself within the theatre world. That they will guide me in the process to understand how I show up, and how best to use my current skills to tell my stories.”

His One Night’s Dance performance:

Verstand op nul

Turn off your mind.

Feel the beat and the rhythm.

Surrender to your emotions.

Vanildo is a young maker who investigates the freedom within dance.
In his work he makes a connection between performance and the deep-rooted emotions that every person carries inside. Honesty and vulnerability are paramount in this.

What happened if we dared to express our own emotions?

In ‘Verstand op Nul’ Vanildo talks to every aspect of himself.
A reflection of the emotions that surface in a life full of stress, hopes and expectations.

Experience this personal journey in which Vanildo shows himself to the public as a ‘whole person’.

From 8 to 11  december and from  15 to 18 december, he will present this work to the public in our theater studio.

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