Sigrid Stigsdatter & Elisa Zuppini

Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen (DK) and Elisa Zuppini (IT/NL) both recently graduated from the SNDO School for new dance development in Amsterdam. For Dansateliers’ annual makingproject for beginning choreographers, One Night’s Dance 2018, the two work on the new short piece A Solid dance.

Last year (2017) Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen was nominated for the Moving Forward trajectory which included a short residency in Dansateliers for the creation of Hope and heavy metal (2018). Her work is widely dedicated to wildness and serenity. Through this dedication she contributes to softly smash the patriarchy.

Elisa Zuppini work is rigorously focused on the exploration of movement qualities through an idea of body which is inorganic, unbounded, multiple in parts – each with independent agency of self- organization-. With her work she was selected for Danceweb 2018. Next to her current collaboration with Sigrid, Elisa is at the moment starting a collaboration-project in Antwerp with Lavinia Rossetti, granted by the Academy of Fine Art, Belgium.

Image: Jasmijn Krol

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