Redouan Hergelink

One Night’s Dance 2022 – Meet The Maker

Redouan Hergelink started dancing when he was 15 years old. After graduating, he entered the professional field and participated in, among others: Ultimate Dance Battle(tv), Isabelle Beanart(tour), So You Think You Can Dance(tv & tour), Sky the musical, beauty and the beast(tour ). He has also given various workshops in France, Belgium, Italy, China, Turkey, Germany and Japan.

” What I expect from this period and phase of OND is to understand whether dance and the creative process is something for me. I would like to reinvent myself with this project.”

His One Night’s Dance performance:

De Stadseman 

A system is there to help us grow and work with purpose.
In our world, work is rewarded with wages.
But the need for our individuality can sometimes get in the way of this working system.

Often we feel more than just the work we perform every day and we can feel that our individuality is no longer given space.
The system is not built for that.

As a human being in the city, Redouan regularly wonders what paths he should take in order to continue to survive in this system as an individual. In his work ‘De Stadsseman’ he uses movement to create a reflection of his personal experience with this system.

From 8 to 11  december and from  15 to 18 december, he will present this work to the public in our theater studio.

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