Moving Poetry

During One Night’s Dance 2019 Dansateliers invites a selection of talented Rotterdam poets to reflect on the performances. Af the presentations they share their words with the audience and the makers. This year you can come and listed to:

Marjolein Roozen

Poetic reflection on 30 November, 1 & 8 december
Marjolein Roozen (1991) lives and works in Rotterdam. Next to writing poems, articles and short stories, she works as a communication advisor for cultural programs. She is inspired by living in the city, lateral thoughts and contemporary language.

Chery (Spraakuhloos) 

Poetic reflection on 28 & 29 November en 7 DecemberChery is born in Rotterdam and has found her home in the world of poetry art. With wonky legs and several languages on her tongue, she translates questions about life to stories about getting up and walking forward. Spoken word artist, poet, speaker or simply a story teller. Whether it’s about sharing beautiful words or ugly truths, Chery likes to push your thoughts.

Lotte Velvet
Poetic reflection on 5 & 6 December
Lotte Velvet (1984)  studied cabaret and psychology. In her poems, scenes and songs, she witnesses human beings and society in her own, sometimes surrealistic view. In this she has a strong focus and clear, rhythmic texts. She performs with her own theatre program and writes songs for o.a. the radio program ‘Andermans Veren’.