OSA+MUJIKA is the result of the artistic encounter between Jaiotz Osa and Xabier Mujika. It is the sum of two creative worlds: the world of dance and that of costumes/scenery. The aim is to narrate visual stories; the purpose is to create all those images whirling about inside their heads, giving them shape and meaning, and to carry them out both at the level of movement and in audio-visual format. The OSA+MUJIKA union is the result of the artists’ need to satisfy their dance and visual art desires.

Their first piece Suddenly was selected by the net RedAcieloAbierto 2017 and performed at national and international festivals. On that basis they built Suddenly lll, their first full-length piece that premiered in February 2018 at the Gazteszena theater in Donostia (ES). Suddenly lll is currently on tour after being selected in the Danza a Escena 2019 circuit.

After this first experience, they made the pieces Produto (for the KALE Company of Porto), KENOPHOBIA and EXPECTATIONS WILL NOT KILL YOU.

Currently they are part of the exchange project between Dansateliers and the Spanish Akzuna Zentroa. Their piece Loser will premier during Moving Futures Festival 2020.