Natalia de Miguel

Based on an invitation by Dansateliers, Olatz de Andrés (choreographer) and Clara Montero (Azkuna Zentroa Cultural program-manager) Natalia de Miguel was selected to participate in a new exchange program between Dansateliers Rotterdam and Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao, SP in 2017-2018. Natalia de Miguel (1986, ES) studied Audiovisual Communication and Dance in Barcelona and London. She worked for companies like the Caracalla Theatre in Beiroet and Punchdrunk in London. The book Clara and the gloom by José Carlos Somoza is the source of inspiration for her solo Clara. In the book the human body is literally been put to use as a canvas for the artist. It is transformed into a work of art through the annulment of its personality, its patterns of behaviour and all physical and psychic needs. The body is deprived of everything human: the soul, its features, the ability to cry or to sweat. In the story the borders between art and reality are blurred. As maker ánd performer in her own work Natalia enters into a dialogue between artist and artwork.