Maria Sartzetaki

Maria Sartzetaki (1994, Griekenland) is a young choreographer/dancer living and working in Tilburg. After a studie in Ancient and Modern Greek literature in Thessaloniki, Greece she studies modern dance, theatre and choreography at the Fontys Dance academie in Tilburg. Since 2016 Maria develops her own work. Her pieces have been performed in festivals such as ITS Festival, Amsterdam and Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch in 2018 where she won the Entreeprijs of Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten with her solo creation, Siberia.

In her work, Sartzetaki creates a dreamworld by exploring the liminal space between reality and imagination, presence and absence. Offering an entrance, or an exit for performer and spectator to dive into the unknown, she invites both parties into a state of limbo, an “in between”.  With her work she attempts to evoke feelings of ambiguity and disorientation, which intend to provide the audience and the performers with an intriguing and revealing journey. Maria is fascinated by mystery and hidden aspects of one’s personality and the way they are experiencing the effects of these aspects when they are brought to the surface. Through its main essence, escaping from reality, her work aims to offer not a rational, but rather a magical experience to the public. The poetic and abstract nature of her pieces allows any kind of audience to dive into a different world and encounter smaller or bigger revelations.

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