Lana Čoporda

Lana Čoporda (Yugoslavia, 1990) moved to the Netherlands in 2010 where she studied at the ArtEZ School of Dance in Arnhem. In the MinorMaker program, she started creating and conducted the research called Irony in Dance. She expanded the research with a student production-trajectory at GeneraleOost. The full piece Take a closer look was performed in ITS Festival Amsterdam 2014. She created the interactive installation Playground and It’s us. Is it? for dance- and dancetheatre students in Tel Aviv. In 2014 Dansateliers invited her to participate in One Night’s Dance in which she created the short piece No Lonely Fighters, please. Under the umbrella of Dansateliers she subsequently created Draaiplaneet (2016, co-production Tweetakt), ZOOM, Hestia and Sheela na gig (2016) and Creep Deep (2017) as part of DANSLOKAAL (co-production Conny Janssen Danst).

In her work Lana departs from a sense of morality and identifies with traces of absurdity that are recognizable in social behavior. At the same time, she is looking for ways to offer humor, accessibility and new perspectives.

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