Jasmijn Krol (visual art)

In the framework of One Night’s Dance 2018 visual artist Jasmijn Krol created the installation Choreography in 160 slides inspired by the creations in the studio. She plays with different themes like the passing of time, capturing moments and framing movement. By the use of multiple layers, rhythm and transparancy she brings together the choreographies that were created for One Night’s Dance 2018 while, at the same time, bringing an ode to analogue photography.

Jasmijn Krol (1988, NL) studied Fine Art at the AKV-st.Joost Breda (NL) and got an MA in Multimedial Design in Gent (BE). As an artist she mainly uses video, performance and photography. In 2016 she had her first encounter with Dansateliers, creating a dynamic and versatile installation inspired by the concepts and creations in One Night’s Dance. In 2018 Dansateliers invited her to create a new work in the framework of its 25th anniversary. More information on www.jasmijnkrol.com

De installatie Choreography in 160 slides by Jasmijn Krol is exhibited from  6 to 9 and 13 to 16 of December as part of One Night’s Dance 2018.