Giulio D’Anna

Giulio D’Anna works as an independent maker in the Netherlands and Italy. As choreographer Giulio D’Anna is interested in the fusion of different theatre languages with “dramatic bodies”. In his work he seeks for translation of drama as genre into a contemporary theatre language. Drama, desire and humour are key words for his productions. The collaboration with Dansateliers started with a small piece in One Night’s Dance, continued in 2011, by Giulio’s participation in ChoreoRoam. In 2012 he further researched and developed his language in our studio’s. Since 2013 Dansateliers acted as co-producer for O O O O O O O (2013), R_ESISTERE (2014), DATA (2015) a study for PANORAMA (2015, co-production Conny Janssen Danst) and PANORAMA (2018).

Giulio D’Anna produces his work as an indepentend maker under the umbrella of his own Stichting Gillen.


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