Courtney May Robertson

Courtney May Robertson (Scotland, 1992), based in Rotterdam, is an interdisciplinary artist working between The Netherlands and Belgium. Upon graduating from The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in 2013, she joined Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club. Later she went on to work with, amongst others, Konzert Theater Bern, Conny Janssen Danst, Jan Martens and Connor Schumacher. For her role in Jan Martens RULE OF THREE she was named ‘Female Performer of the Year 2017’ by Sceneweb (FR).

Alongside working as a performer, Courtney has been creating her own small-scale / DIY produced work since 2015. She is currently developing an interdisciplinary performance, THE WOMAN DESTROYED, for which she was awarded De Troffel Prijs 2020. The work is co-produced by Dansateliers Rotterdam, supported by DansBrabant, CAMPO Ghent, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Grand Theatre Groningen, and will premiere at Festival Cement in March 2021.