Kelly Bigirindavyi

Kelly Bigirindavyi was born in Burundi (1994) and moved to Holland in 2000. Although music and dance have always been central to Kelly’s life, mostly due to her culture, her actual dance journey as an artist started later in 2013 after graduating as a pedagogical worker. Kelly started at Creative College, where she got introduced to the Hip-Hop culture and instantly fell in love. Due to the people, the unity, diversity, but mostly because of the music. She became a part of the ‘X-gen’ crew and delved deeper into the dance styles and its culture. Kelly did so by travelling to different countries such as New York, Italy and moved to Sweden to attend a 2-dance style course at Asa Fölkhogskola. Whether it’s through performing, participating in battles, teaching or organising. Kelly’s mission is to share from an authentic place and to create an environment in which others feel free to do so as well.

Image: Stacii Samidin

kelly v3 from Dansateliers on Vimeo.