Connor Schumacher – Associate artist

Connor Schumacher is interested in everything dance was, everything dance has become, and everything dance can be in the future. Because somewhere in there is a key to revolutionary thought. So let’s get moving.

Connor Schumacher is a dance artist and artistic leader of Stichting ARK, the foundation with which he organizes movement classes and raves and creates performances, with the goal to get people moving. Connor is convinced that the world would be a better place if we would dance every day. Connor is one of the associate artists of Dansateliers.

Connor toured in the seasons 2019-2020-2021 with Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite, that was extremely well received in all theatres where it was performed.  Before that, he made o.a. the performances Threesome (2019), OK Future (2017), The Fool (2018) and Boy Oh Boy (2012). Next to this he took part in the European research projects Dancing Museums (2015-2017) and Empowering Dance (2018-2020) in which he searched for new ways of interaction with an audience and the soft skills people can develop through dance. He is currently collaborating in the project Empowering Dance 2 (2021-2023).

Connor studied dance and composition at Purchase Conservatory of Dance in New York, after which he developed himself from 2012 onwards as an independent dance artist at Dansateliers in Rotterdam. In 2019 he was awarded with the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival, which  led to Pilot PC, a work that was adjusted to the requirements of a Covid-19 society.

At the moment Connor is working on HOLD (premier June 2022), a collaboration with Joana Cavac0, Gabriel Fontana, Jeisson Drenth, Deborah Sumter and Romy Rocks. He has also started a collaboration – together with Dansateliers as a partner – with Theater Babel working on ClubINC! This work will premier in 2023.


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