Cicely Wijnaldum

One Night’s Dance 2022 – Meet The Maker

Cicely Wijnaldum is a performing artist and a starting maker. She started dancing at DPFC where she took classes in the styles: ballet, modern, jazz and tap. Later, she started training more on an executive level at Divergent Movements, including lessons in the styles: contemporary, hip-hop and commercial. In 2017, Cicely realized that she would like to turn her passion for dance into her job. Since then, she has been working on developing her skills, completing her education at Creative College, working on several commercial assignments and training harder than ever.

‘’I hope to put my ideas on paper and develop them during OND. We will follow several workshops and I want to incorporate all the insights I get from this in the final piece. I expect there will be a good atmosphere and that we as artists are free to do our thing. I also expect that we as novice makers will be properly guided where necessary and that we can get the best out of ourselves! I also hope that we will learn a lot from each other and that everyone will come forward in their best. ’’

Her One Night’s Dance performance:


Cicely is a young performing artist who is mainly focusing on exploring her own creativity and ways to let it flow.  Her values in life as well as creating at the moment are self expression, growth and intuition.The ambition to touch people with her dance art and the exploration within herself come together in her piece Butterfly.

Butterfly is a piece that represents a metamorphosis.  Cicely travels through her own journey by going from a larva to cocoon to a butterfly. In her eyes, this is a metaphor for being free without limitations. 

The piece includes immersive movements to music with startling sounds and a life poem by spoken word artist Bnicepoetry (Burnice Hiwat).

With Butterfly, Cicely invites the audience on a journey through transformation, her personal life story. 

Are you ready to go on a magical trip?

From 8 to 11  december and from  15 to 18 december, she will present this work to the public in our theater studio.

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