Argil Randon & Hassani le Couvreur

Argil and Hassani started their dance career in 2010 when they got acquainted with HipHop, Popping and Locking. After studying these styles for years, they discovered the world of theater in which they took their first steps as performing dancers in this field.

Under the guidance of, among others, director and artistic director of ISH Dance Collective Marco Gerris and choreographer, dancer and theater maker Shailesh Bahoran, they were part of the show ‘Funkish’ in 2014. That same year they met dancer and choreographer Steve Nestar and learned all the basic techniques and flows from House.

When they made their first performance ‘Loops of Fear’ in 2019 under the supervision of IMPACT & Lloydscompany, they first came into contact with Dansateliers. They were nominated by Lloydscompany for One Night’s Dance, an annual talent development program and collaboration between Dansateliers and Lloydscompany. In the process of One Night’s Dance they created the piece ‘Exceeding Digital Infoxication’. In this performance they take the audience on a digital journey of discovery through light, sound and movement.

In 2023 they traveled the country with this performance with Moving Futures Festival. For this festival, the dance duo has reworked and further developed the piece. In their work they mix theater with new dance moves that stem from their passion for Marvel and Anime films.

Image: Aristos Iatrou

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