Anja Milicic

One Night’s Dance 2023 – Meet The Maker

Anja is a 26-year-old artist from Split, Croatia, who recently moved to Rotterdam in search of opportunities and development as a dancer and creator.

Her dance journey started back in 2009 with HipHop and soon shifted to Breaking in 2011. Anja was mostly involved in competing in dance battles and gained most of her knowledge through travelling to 15+ countries, events, workshops and attending classes.

Anja’s eagerness to express through dance has grown beyond boundaries of Breaking and competing as a form of expression. She has recognized that her passion for dance is rooted in the ability to create and share her thoughts, feelings, and opinions in the

attempt of making the audience feel something.

From December 7th till 10th and from December 14th till 17th, Anja will along with the other makers present her work to the public.

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