Three-day workshop with Roser López Espinosa

Thu 30 May t/m Sat 1 Jun

This workshop proposes a technical and playful approach to floor-work and to partnering tools. Strong physicality, delicacy, complicity and imagination. We will approach movement from the basis of an articulated, soft, agile, fast, versatile and powerful body. Taking advantage of the movement capacity of the spine as a motor for movement (curves, spirals, twists, ripples and combined undulating movements), we will go through floor work, with rolls, glides, simple acrobatic movements and jumps. We will do partnering exercises, researching on weight transfers, movement projection in space and group mechanics. Using strategies that unfold from subtility to complex shared paths. To awaken the fine-tuning, the awareness and the sense of team. And we will put into practice the different eye ranges, detail, precision and playfulness.

Thursday May 30th       15:00-19:00h
Friday May 31st              15:00-19:00h
Saturday June 1st          10:00-14:00h
Tickets: 85 euros for all three days.


Image: Manu Arenas