Sticky Feet Workshop: cancelled

Sun 15 Mar | 15:00

In line with the announcement of the government, we have decided to cancel the Sticky Feet Workshop by Joseph Simon. If you already bought a ticket, you will soon be contacted via email about the refund. We hope to be able to organize the workshop again in the not too far future.

Sticky feet is a movement language dancer and choreographer Joseph Simon has developed using the formalities of leg work in classical ballet. He is using it as part of his choreographic series ballet fantasies, in which he deconstructs ballet in order to propose alternative and liberated forms of ballet.

The dance is based on the premise that the feet are not articulated off the floor and therefore need to shuffle. Within this restriction, Joseph infuses groove and a philosophy of freestyle, informed by his background in HipHop culture. This results into a funky, sensual and groovy dance demanding high precision while giving space to individuality.

During the workshop, the participants will be guided through a groovy warm up, followed by several exercises that gradually uncover and tune the body into the logics of sticky feet.  This will lead into individual exploration using sticky feet as a tool of movement research, as well as into some funky, fun and musically challenging choreography.

Bring socks.

Basic knowledge of ballet is useful but not a must, however, experience in learning and remembering movement are required for this workshop.

Location: Dansateliers, Rotterdam
Date: Sunday 15 March
Time: 15h-18h
Price:  25 euros
For whom: Professional dancers and experienced amateur dancers

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