Movement Class: de online editie

Mon 31 May | 20:30

Join the online movement class! For 60 minutes we move alone, but also together, from your own home. We stream the movement class live via Zoom.

The online movement class is taught by various dance artists associated with Dansateliers. They all approach movement in their own way, therefore, what we are going to do is always a surprise. One thing is always the same: having fun while exercising together and a class that is accessible to everyone. Experience is absolutely not required!

This week: Joseph Simon. ‘In this movement class we approach dance as something improvised, pleasurable, groovy, instantly composed and enjoyed with music. We will play around with different approaches to creating movement as well as simply allowing movement to emerge from our own bodies. This is informed by my experience in different dance practises’.


For who? Everybody who wants to move and dance from home. No experierence required!
Where? In your own home.
When? 20:30-21:30 PM. The Zoom-meeting opens at 20:15 uur.
How can I join? Buy a ticket (tickets are available till 19.45). You will receive an email with the Zoomlink and password no later than half an hour before the class.

Koop ticket


  • Make sure that you have enough moving space
  • Have some water ready to drink
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Turn off your microphone

Note: By participating in the class, you declare that Dansateliers is not responsible for injuries or damage caused by the participant during the class.

Photo: Barbare Dietl