Audio movement class

Mon 17 Aug t/m Sun 6 Sep

‘There is no right or wrong, no success or failure. We’re just here to practice.’ – Loïc Perela

In this audio movement class choreographer Loïc Perela invites you to spend some time with your moving body. The class is accessible for everyone, experience in dance or movement is not needed.

Loïc takes you on a journey through your body, beginning with the starting point of every movement: the breathing. From there, you get the opportunity to connect with your body and to gradually allow movement to arise. Step by step, you will be moving more and more freely, cultivating your attention in the now. Loïc will guide you in this adventure with his voice.

This class can be done in any space. To be able to give all the attention to your body, it is preferred to have a minimum of quiet around you.

Hanging out with your body is part of Loïc’s approach to the body and the way he works with the performers involved in his choreographic practice. But it can be dived in separately from a creative process and done by everyone who likes to makes a connection with her/his body through movement, regardless experience or age.

Duration: 1 hour

Format: This is a podcast. You can do the class by yourself at any time.

How can I receive this class? Send an email to movementclass@dansateliers.nll. You will then receive a link to the class.

Price: We offer this class for free, but to support us and our artists in these bizarre times, you can also consider to donate a small amount. An indication: a regular movement class costs 5 euros. You can of course adjust your donation to what you can afford. You can transfer an amount via a Tikkie or directly to ING NL49 INGB 0000199637 in the name of Stichting Dansateliers. Many thanks!