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Dansateliers is an independent house for contemporary dance based in Rotterdam. The organisation plays an important role in the development of several generations of dance artists and ensures that the national and international contemporary dance field continues to develop. Dance studios works in three pillars:

dance development, talent development and (national and international) network development.

We offer emerging dance makers the opportunity to conduct research in their search for their identity as creative dance artists. In this, we guide them where possible or what they need or what is necessary in their professionalisation: in the area of business, presentation and feedback, support in communication/PR, production and content. In short: Dansateliers moves as a dance house around them, in knowledge – and artist development tailored to their needs.

In addition, Dansateliers is (co-)producer of three dancemakers, one of which is a duo: Connor Schumacher, Marta & Kim and Ingrid Berger Myhre. In recent years, we have built with these associate artists on their development and position in the field.

Our job is to raise the visibility and importance of dance in general; regionally, nationally and internationally. Our studios are a place for dance professionals and audiences to meet, greet and work together. We initiate projects, studio presentations, performances, ‘movement classes’ and workshops with specific themes that focus on the meaning of dance art. And we collaborate with various (international) partners with the same goal, mission or quest. We do this, for example, in research, in order to also unearth unexplored aspects of dance and artistry, thus enabling a broader field of work. We collaborate with, among others:

Conny Janssen Danst – with an annual production: DANSLOKAAL
Moving Futures Festival – a festival where you can experience dance from the latest generation of dance makers.

Crowd International Dance Network – a residency exchange programme for young makers
EDN / European Dance Development Network – stands for a European society with dance for everyone in the community
Aerowaves – a European dance research network represented by 40 partners in 34 European countries
RIDCC – the world’s largest choreographic duet competition


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