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Dansateliers is an independent house for contemporary dance based in Rotterdam. The organisation plays an important role in the development of several generations of dance artists and ensures that the national and international contemporary dance field continues to develop. Dance studios works in three pillars:

Dance development, talent development and (national and international) network development.

We offer emerging dance makers the opportunity to conduct research in their search for their identity as creative dance artists. In this, we guide them where possible or what they need or what is necessary in their professionalisation: in the area of business, presentation and feedback, support in communication/PR, production and content. In short: Dansateliers moves as a dance house around them, in customised knowledge and artist development.

To help start-up talent on its way, we believe it is important to offer dance talent the opportunity to work within other contexts or learn about other perspectives. We do this by working with partners who collaborate from a shared mission or a search for alternative/innovative paths, forms and possibilities.

We have our own productions for young makers, such as One Night’s Dance (in collaboration with Lloyds Company) and the Moving Futures Festival but also work internationally to provide space for research and development to further develop and innovate dance as an art form.


If you are a maker from Rotterdam and have a question about your makership, need studio space or would like to meet up with us, please mail us:

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