Roser López Espinosa

01 March - 03 March

During spring-break Dansateliers organizes a 3-day workshop by choreographer Roser López Espinosa. With her work Roser combines physical power, subtleness, risk and detail and searches for suggestion, team work and physical imagination.

Lessons/workshop description
The lessons and workshop by Roser propose a technical work- and movement research and practice on creation tools. We will approach movement from the basis of an articulated, soft, agile, fast and powerful body. Taking advantage of the movement capacity of the spine as a motor: curves, spirals, twists, riples and combined chained movements. We will go through floor work, with rolls, glides, simple acrobatic movements and jumps. We will do partnering exercises, building up architectures of “several bodies linked as one” or “knotts”, researching on weight transfers, movement projection and group mechanics, going from subtility to complex shared paths. We will fine-tune the group awareness to build a sense of team and create together fast trajectories in space, connecting both in strong and in small refined movements. 

10:30h - 12:00h - morningclass
12:00h - 12:30h - break
12:30h - 16:00h - workshop
Locatie: Dansateliers, Rotterdam
Prize: 75 euro

Roser López Espinosa works as an independent maker since 2006. She created amongst others the acclaimed piece Lowland (2013) the duet Hand to Hand (2014) as a part of DANSLOKAAL II (Conny Janssen Danst/Dansateliers) and NOVEMBER (2015). With her work Roser combines physical power, subtleness, risk and detail and searches for new suggestions; physical imagination based on  silences and clear gestures.

As a teacher Roser regularly teaches at academies and festivals around the world. In Holland she is a regular teacher at MTD / Theaterschool Amsterda, ArtEZ Dance Academy Arnhem, Dansateliers and Korzo. In her classes she mainly focusses on contemporary dance-techniques like floorwork and partnering.

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