Keren Rosenberg



“The body and me are not the same.
The body is the house in which I live in.
I don’t own this house and this house is not me, though its my house.
Sometimes I feel my body as a home and sometimes it can be an unfamiliar property.

Inside this body-house there are many rooms and corridors, it is a one of a kind structure where I wonder inside.
I live under my skin.
My skin is my protector, the gate keeper off my house and me.
Sometimes I come through the walls of my skin to feel, I even open small cracks to the outside, I don’t like exposing too much cause then I get injured.”

Body-house* gaat op een fysieke en conceptuele manier een dialoog aan met de analogie waarmee de Duitse professor Dr. Claudia Benthien het lichaam beschouwt als een huis dat zowel solide en omhullend als verhullend is. Ze benadert de huid als grens tussen intimiteit en de buitenwereld - als de deuren en ramen waarmee bemiddeld wordt tussen privédomein van het individu en zijn of haar omgeving.

*opgedragen aan Tova en Hendrik, met liefde

Choreografie: Keren Rosenberg
Performers & Collaborators:
Nathalie VD Hombergh
Keren Rosenberg
Muziek: ENKA
Kostuums: Natasja Lansen
Beeld: Keren Rosenberg, Fotografie: Alekszandr Szivkov

Keren worked in several high-profile Israeli companies, among which are Fresco Dance Company, Ido Tadmor Dance Company and Tami Dance Company. She is the recipient of Keren Sharet award for young and promising dancers.

In 2008 she moved to Europe and worked in Amsterdam, in De KISS Moves, both as a choreographer & a dancer. Keren joined Idan Sharabi and dancers, She is expected to collaborate in the future with the group.


In 2011 she was invited by Ohad Naharin to study the Gaga movement language and become a certified teacher. Since then, she has been invited to teach Gaga as well as her own creative workshops in various dance companies and institutions around Europe.

Keren is also creating her own work, collaborating with other artists mainly from other disciplines, her choreography and installations were presented in the Reykjavik dance festival, Machol Acher Festival, Tel –Aviv, Dublin Fringe festival, solo@the sea festival, Vondelpark openlucht theater Amsterdam, Dansmakers and Melkweg as well as in theaters and spaces in Israel, The Netherlands and Ireland.