On a daily basis, Dansateliers organizes open dance classes for professionals. The morning classes in classical ballet regularly alternate with modern and contemporary dancelessons and workshops in techniques such as gaga, countertechnique, flying low, passing through and release the beast.

De studio is open from 10:00, lesson starts at 10:30h Tickets per lesson: € 8,=  / 10-lesson-card : € 70,=

Summerbreak - August 14th

ma 14 aug  klassiek Erik Spruijt
di  15 aug  klassiek Erik Spruijt
woe 16 aug  klassiek  Erik Spruijt
do 17 aug  klassiek  Erik Spruijt
vrij 18 aug  klassiek Erik Spruijt
ma 21 aug  klassiek Sun Hee Dieben
di  22 aug  klassiek Sun Hee Dieben
woe 23 aug  klassiek  Sun Hee Dieben
do 24 aug  klassiek  Sun Hee Dieben
vrij 25 aug  klassiek Sun Hee Dieben
ma 28 aug  klassiek tba
di  29 aug  klassiek tba
woe 30 aug  klassiek  tba
do 31 aug  klassiek  tba
vrij 1 sept  klassiek tba
ma 4 sept  klassiek Karine Guizzo
di  5 sept  klassiek Karine Guizzo
woe 6 sept  klassiek  Karine Guizzo
do 7 sept  klassiek  Karine Guizzo
vrij 8 sept  klassiek Karine Guizzo

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