2-Day Peace Through Movement Workshop

Sat 6 Apr t/m Sun 7 Apr

Tools offered by the Feldenkrais Method and Mindfulness can help us observe and discern how thoughts, emotions, sensations and intentions manifest within ourselves and our actions. In Peace Through Movement, Pedro will explore how the awareness that emerges from these practices can help us build an inner space where the embodiment of peace may be nourished.

The workshop will consist of periods of free and guided movement explorations as well as Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons. ATMs are at the core of the Feldenkrais method and are guided movement sequences, which allow people of all conditions to find enjoyment and peace while learning new possibilities of sensing and moving. Next to this, some of the fundamental attitudes of Mindfullness will also be introduced and explored in both movement and in short guided meditations.

Peace Through Movement is open to anyone interested in combining and exploring different disciplines of embodiment and in this process creating a path of intimacy, fluency and rootedness with themselves and their environment. No experience required.

Pedro is a certified Feldenkrais® teacher, a Somatic Movement Practitioner and has over 35 years of experience in dance. Currently, Pedro is studying Mindfulness at the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Berlin.

Saturday 6 april, 12:00-16:30h
Sunday 7 April, 12:00-16:30h

Location: Dansateliers, Rotterdam
Tickets: 65 euros

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