Stillness Is A Concept

Fri 23 Oct t/m Sat 24 Oct

Yes to the soft body
Yes to the strong body
Yes to the curved body
Yes to the social body
Yes to every body

Practice being human during Stillness Is A Concept!  This social choreographic event holds space for progressive values of movement. A space where you both rehearse and perform social possibilities. A Disco/Cabaret sounds about right! Immersed in light, video, sound and movement we will practice the values of how we want to be together.

Dance artist Connor Schumacher, a.k.a. his alterego The Fool, will host the space. Through metaphors, science, and dance culture, the whole room will engage in a search for agency. Expect to be moved, one way or another.

You can stand
You can sit
You can speak
You can listen
You can join
You can watch
You can leave
You can move

 Foto: William van der Voort
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