Wed 30 May | 21:00

PANORMA is the new piece by Giulio D’Anna. Choreographer Giulio D’Anna puts one couple in the center of attention: Kristin de Groot and Piet Rogie, both wellknown artists in the field of dance and partners in love since 25 years. In their duet all the passion, struggle, fun, doubt and desire of two people that have spent most of their lifes together is made vissible. A rich dancelanguage arises, inspired by ballroom, modern dance and acro-yoga. Their bodies intertwine, collide and balance. A panoramic video-image magnifies the impact of the performance with historical images, facts and figures.

Speellijst 2018
di 30 jan ’18 Frascati Theater, Amsterdam (try out)
wo 31 jan ’18 Frascati Theater, Amsterdam (première)
do 1 feb ’18 Frascati Theater, Amsterdam
wo 7 feb ’18 Chassé Theater, Breda
do 8 feb ’18 Corrosia, Almere
do 15 feb ’18 LUX, Nijmegen
za 3 mrt ’18 Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam
di 6 mrt ’18 Toneelschuur, Haarlem
wo 7 mrt ’18 Rotterdamse Schouwburg
di 20 mrt ’18 Theater Kikker, Utrecht
wo 21 mrt ’18 Theater Kikker, Utrecht
za 7 apr ’18 Theater De NWE Vorst, Tilburg
vr 13 apr ’18 Teatro Canteiri Florida, Florence, IT
wo 30 mei ’18 De Dansweek, Rotterdam
do 31 mei ’18 De Dansweek, Rotterdam

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