Moving Futures Festival Rotterdam: dans + film

Sat 17 Mar | 19:45

I trust in this life – Connor Schumacher
TRÆNS – Igor Vrebac
MULTIDENTITY (video) – Tycho Hupperets / Cinedans
Yeah but no but yeah – Hilde Elbers
start: 19.45
location: TR Schouwburg

Be surprised by Connor Schumacher’s ever changing performance I trust in this life... in the foyer of the Schouwburg. A work about looking, perceiving and being watched. 

In the program that follows Igor Vrebac presents the solo-version of his piece TRÆNS; a hypnotic sexy ritual to expose the feminine and masculine and to transcend the earthly. What begins as an exciting game between body and ritual ends in total surrender. Just as immersive is the physical duet Yeah but no but yeah by Hilde Elbers and dancer Judit Ruiz Onandi. The duet is a challenge to find out how we can maintain ourselves and merge at the same time; can we disappear in form and formlessness? In between the performances you can watch the short video Multidentity by Tycho Hupperets, curated by Cinedans.

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