ENGEL (short version)

Sat 29 Sep | 21:20

As part of the festival Wereld Wijde Wijk Charlois on Saturday September 29th from 21.20-21.45, the makerduo Kim-Jomi Fischer & Marta Alstadsæter present their piece ENGEL.

Engel by Kim-Jomi Fischer and Marta Alstadsæter is a performance about inner struggle, decision-making and the metaphysical. Two performers, one a circus acrobat and one a dancer, melt together in a physical dialogue through a constant exchange of weight, momentum and direction.

Engel is inspired by the poetry of “Stof dat als een meisje” in which poet/writer Toon Tellegen describes a man who is haunted by an angel. The two performers ask themselves: Where are the angels of our time? Who is guiding us through the chaos of nowadays existence?

“There are some art experiences you know you will never forget. The dance performance Engel is such an experience.” Nordlys, 2018
“The symbiotic form that was founded by the acrobatic dancer and the dancing acrobat makes it impossible to look away from this fusion of two bodies.” Theaterkrant, 2018