Engel (première NL) – Kim & Marta

Sat 30 Jun | 21:00

On 30 June, Kim and Marta’s piece Engel has its Dutch premiere as part of the Live Arts Festival, LA Breda in Podium Bloos, Breda.

Engel by Kim-Jomi Fischer and Marta Alstadsæter is a performance about inner struggle, decision-making and the metaphysical. Two performers, one a circus acrobat and one a dancer, melt together in a physical dialogue through a constant exchange of weight, momentum and direction.

Engel is inspired by the poetry of “Stof dat als een meisje” in which poet/writer Toon Tellegen describes a man who is haunted by an angel. The two performers ask themselves: Where are the angels of our time? Who is guiding us through the chaos of nowadays existence?

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