Cancelled: EDN-atelier

Fri 20 Mar t/m Sat 21 Mar

In line with the announcement of the government yesterday, we have decided to cancel the EDN-atelier. If you bought a ticket, you received an email about the refund. 

Practicing Dance Dramaturgy : Learning to learn

How do dramaturges or ‘outside eyes’ position themselves in relationship to the various artists and the large variety of creative processes and realities they find themselves in?

This atelier focuses on dance dramaturgy as a social practice. A practice in which developing human relations, social and soft skills are crucial. It puts forward the necessity of developing a learning attitude, when reflecting on someone else’s practice. It emphasises “learning to learn” as a crucial soft skill, in a time in which notions of dance, of quality, of truth and of knowledge are finally becoming as diverse as reality has always been.

Reflecting on concepts, processes, creation and dance is not bound to the role or position of a dramaturge. We therefore invite dance professionals of different generations, with different roles and cultural backgrounds to share, reveal, and interrogate an aspect of their specific/individual/personal dramaturgical practice in creative, tangible and practical ways, through anecdotes, case studies and exercises in which “learning to learn” is key.

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Friday March 20               13:00-18:00h
Saturday March 21           10:00-18:00h
Price: 45 euros for 2 days. 
Location: Dansateliers, Rotterdam