25 jaar Dansateliers – opening #1

Tue 9 Oct t/m Wed 10 Oct

Dansateliers celebrates its 25th anniversary. We will kick off our jubilee with a festive best-off program on October 9 and 10th, 2018 in Theater Rotterdam. During a two-day evening program we present a selection of eye-cathing performances that have been developed with the support of the house.

Flatland (2011) – Mor Shani
The program starts with the poignant performance Flatland by Mor Shani, that originates from 2011. In the piece, which was selected for Aerowaves Twenty11, an actor and three dancers portray the story of a neurologist who, unexpectedly becomes her own research object.

Choreography: Mor Shani Performers: Jim Barnard, Gal Gorfung, Connor Schumacher, David Vossen Music: Jaap van Keulen Photo: Pepijn Lutgerink Artistic advise: Sjoerd Vreugdenhil| Age indication: 16+ Production: Dansateliers

I trust in this life, one day I will understand form (2018) – Connor Schumacher (première)
I trust in this life, one day I will understand form is the new performance by Connor Schumacher. More information will follow.

Concept, choreography, performance: Connor Schumacher Production: Dansateliers


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