25 jaar Dansateliers: opening #2

Wed 10 Oct | 20:30

Dansateliers celebrates its 25th anniversary. We will kick off our jubilee with a festive best-off program on October 9 and 10th, 2018 in Theater Rotterdam. During a two-day evening program we present a selection of eye-cathing performances that have been developed with the support of the house. On day two of the program we present the beautiful performance NOVEMBER (2015) by Roser López Espinosa.

NOVEMBER is a playing field in which three dancers strive to build a common landscape before the bad weather hits them. With NOVEMBER Roser López Espinosa draws us towards the group and collaboration, into personal and shared space, into a sense of belong and imagination. It gives a voice to the animal in the body. Joining forces and playing at being together. A powerful and, at the same time, delicate physical proposal for a landscape to be shared. 

“In NOVEMBER by Roser López Espinosa for one hour you dive, wobble and wave along with those three amazing dancers who explore their movement possibilities playfully. They weave together and intertwine their own and each other’s body and form the most ingenious constructions.” Volkskrant, 2015

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