VOICE – Loïc Perela (DE, première)

Thu 15 Mar t/m Sat 17 Mar

Voice is an invitation to listen to a soundscape created by dancers, who simultaneously also disrupt it with their bodies and voices over and over again. This gives rise to a sensual dance experience emerging between darkness and light, between hearing and seeing; with voices and bodies and noises guiding the awareness of both spectators and dancers: what do you hear, when you watch the dance? The dancers are set into an irresistible rhythm of motion by their own voices – a rhythm, which takes hold of everything and opens the space to the experience of shared sensations.

VOICE is established as part of the program TanzHochDrei by K3 Tanzplan, Hamburg. Every year they invite three upcoming choreographers to develop a new piece over an 8th month residency. The result is presented in March. Next to the performances the audience is offered the opportunity to find out more about the creationproces with workshops, warming ups and (after)talks.

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